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Two Faces Baby...Bayi Dua Wajah

Thursday, January 14, 2010 -, " Welcome to visit on our info site."

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Two face baby was born in India

She was born with 4 eyes, 2 noses, 2 mouths, 2 ears, and 1 dimple on a shared cheek.

Similar to Lakshmi Tatma, a 2 year-old girl born with four arms and four legs, she is revered as a reincarnated god by her local villagers, who sing and dance regularly for her.

Bayi dua wajah lahir di India

Ia dilahirkan dengan 4 mata, 2 hidung, 2 mulut, 2 telinga, dan 1 lesung pipit di pipi bersama.
Serupa dengan Lakshmi Tatma, 2 gadis tahun lahir dengan empat lengan dan empat kaki, dia dipuja sebagai reinkarnasi dewa oleh penduduk desa setempat, yang bernyanyi dan menari secara teratur untuk dirinya.


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