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Friday, October 2, 2009 -, " Welcome to visit on our info site."

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What we experience for a friend sometimes tedious and annoying, but that's what make friendship have a wonderful value.
Friendship often served several trials, but true friendship can overcome the trials that even grow with it ...
Friendship not created automatically but requires long process such as iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens his friend.
Friendship colored with various experiences like and grief, be comforted-hurt, note-down, heard-ignored, assisted-rejected, but this was never deliberately undertaken with the aim of hatred.
A friend does not hide mistakes to avoid disputes, precisely because of his love he ventured to rebuke what it is.
Friends of wrapping never blow a kiss, but to say what is very painful to friend aim to change.
The process of a friend of a friend takes care of business loyalty But not when we need help that we come motivation for attention, help and statements of love from others, but instead he took the initiative to provide and implement what is needed by a friend.

His longing is to be a part of life friend, because there is no friendship that begins with the selfish attitude.
Everyone needs a real friend, but not everyone got it. Many people who have been enjoying the beauty friendship, but some are so devastated by the betrayal friend.

** Having a true friend is more valuable than thousand selfish friends**
"In the heyday, my friends know us. In misery, we know our friends "
Remember the last time you were in difficulties.
.....Who would be right beside you??
.....Who loves you when you feel unloved??
.....Who would want to be with you when you can not giving nothing??
--- YOUR FRIEND was their Reward and cultivate your friendship always with them.---

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