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Facebook became a tool of ethnic riots in Australia, Facebook jadi alat kerusuhan etnis di Australia

Monday, September 14, 2009 -, " Welcome to visit on our info site."

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Salah seorang pemimpin kerusuhan menuliskan status 'Kafir telah merusak rumah saudara kita, semuanya kumpul sekarang juga!' di Facebook miliknya. Dalam status tersebut kata polisi disamarkan dengan kata kafir yang merupakan bahasa arab untuk menyebut orang di luar kepercayaannya.

Be careful in writing the status of the social networking site Facebook you. For status through Facebook, hundreds of people could be affected to riot in Australia.

As reported by the Daily Telegraph, Sunday (13/9/2009), the local police believe if the religious riots that occurred in Western Sydney, the edge of town this weekend Auburn organized via Facebook.

One of the riot leaders write status of 'Kafir has damaged our brother's house, all together now! " on Facebook hers. In that status the police said was disguised with the word pagan, which is Arabic for calls outside the faith.

Not long ago, 150 people gathered in the street Cumberland, Auburn on Tuesday night and began attacking the police who was looking for perpetrators of crimes in the 4 houses in the area. To reduce violence, the police finally dropping 100 personnel riot and helicopters.

"Using Facebook and Twitter and other modern technologies provide fast way to send a message to many people," explained police spokesman, Gallacher.

Head of the investigation detectives Ken McKay said it was to identify and pursue who is responsible for the Facebook status. "This is a big violation," he said.

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