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One Chinese killed by bomb shot from Myanmar

Monday, August 31, 2009 -, " Welcome to visit on our info site."

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The border between China and Myanmar

He Yongchun, Vice President of Yunnan Provincial Red Cross Society, confirmed that one Chinese was killed and several others were injured by a bomb thrown from across China's border with Myanmar.

Fierce fighting were reported in Myanmar's Kokang region in the northeastern part of the country between the Kokang ethnic army and the government forces in Saturday moring.

The fighting is near Yanglongzhai, a strategic place in Kokang where Kokang leader Pheung Kya-shin (Peng Jiasheng) and his fellows are hiding there. The battle is continuing by the press time.

A well-informed person revealed that about 480 government forces were garrisoning on a small hill in Kokang. This morning, they charged down the hill and had a fierce shootout with Kokang ethnic army.

Judged by the shot, light machine guns, tommy-guns and rifles were used in the battle.

Clashes broke out between Myanmar government troops and the Kokang army earlier this month and many people have fled Myanmar in fear.

By Saturday morning, about 30,000 people, including ethnic Kokang and Chinese businessmen, had crossed over from Myanmar into China's Yunnan.

China hoped Myanmar could properly solve its domestic issue to safeguard the regional stability of its bordering area with China, said Foreign Ministry spokesperson Jiang Yu on Friday.

She said China was paying close attention to the development of this issue and had expressed its concern to Myanmar through the diplomatic channel. "We also urge Myanmar to protect the safety and legal rights of Chinese citizens in Myanmar," Jiang said.

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