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Saturday, July 11, 2009 -, " Welcome to visit on our info site."

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ID code is a code when you do a registration for a first step when you want get money for every your post.

We will give you only one time, if you forgot the ID code you can find in your archieve post that you remember one or more of them by google search engine (widget) above or below, in your email, or you can ask to us again by the form of ask again ID code.

(Remember, we always put your ID code in your post, under title and in the label)

We will send it within 24 hours. Please check your trash or spam box if you can't find it in your mail inbox.

I forgot my ID code and I want to get my ID code again


Mobile Browser (Opera mobile,Web browser Nokia, Firefox for mobile, BlackBerry browser,Android browser etc)

Share this information to your friends. Thank's you

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