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The difference between winners and losers--成功者与 失败者的区别--part 5- End

Monday, November 30, 2009 -, " Welcome to visit on our info site."

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成功者过自己的生活,失败者过他人的生活-----The winners live their own lives. the losers live in others live.

成功者相信“黑夜之后便是黎明” ,失败者“眼前是黑夜茫茫,无终期”----- The winners believe " after dark would be bright", the losers thinks the darkness is endless."

成功者相信“可以改变,要求自己进步并成功”, 失败者认为“自己难于改变,故不自封” -----Successful believe "can be changed to require their own progress and success", the losers that "difficult to change their own, it is not self-styled."

成功者在他人停止工作时,继续工作,失败者在他人停止工作时,中止工作。----- "Successful of others to stop work, to continue to work, failure of others to stop work, suspended their work."

成功者有一分热发一分光,燃烧自己照亮别人, 失败者有一点困难,失败者有一分烦,发一分怨言,封闭自己,干扰别人。Successful there is one point made a spectroscopic hot, burning himself to illuminate others, the losers a little difficult, the loser has a sub-annoying complaints made one point, closed themselves, interfere with others"

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